Marilyn Wallin

Marilyn Wallin has been a professional violinmaker for 30 years. She was educated in the midwest, earning a Bachelors Degree in Music at the University of Iowa, in Viola Performance. Following intensive training as a musician, she attended and graduated from the Chicago School of Violinmaking. She then further refined her skills at the workbenches of Bein and Fushi Rare Violins.

Since 1984, Wallin has devoted her career to the making of violins, violas and cellos. Nearly 200 of her instruments are in circulation on stages and in practice rooms. Included are the New York Philharmonic, The Julliard School, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the New England Conservatory, the Kennedy Center Opera Orchestra, Peabody Conservatory, Cleveland Institute of Music, and many other prestigious learning and performing institutions.

Wallin remains active in the organizations and on the boards of directors of her trade. She is Past President of the Violin Society of America, as well as Past Secretary of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers, (AFVBM). She is an Advisor, and past instructor at the North Bennet Street School in Boston. She is an advisor to the Chicago School of Violinmaking. Wallin practices her craft at the Emerson Umbrella, Concord, MA, where she has been a resident artist since 2005. In international violinmaking competitions, she has been awarded three Medals and eight Certificates of Excellence for Craftsmanship and Tone. She is an active participant in the Oberlin Violinmaking Workshops. 2008 - 2011